Reformist newspapers banned in Iran
02-Mar-2010 (17 comments)

The authorities in Iran have closed down the country's biggest-circulation reformist newspaper, Etemaad, accusing it of breaching media laws.

They also suspended publication of a weekly reformist paper whose managing director is the son of one of Iran's opposition leaders, Mehdi Karroubi.

Hossein Karroubi told the BBC that the paper, Iran Dokht, was targeted due to his father's political activities.

Last week Mehdi Karroubi was beaten up by Iranian security forces at a rally.

Both he and the other main opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi were taking part in a rally on 11 February, marking the anniversary of the Islamic revolution, when they were reportedly attacked by the government's Basij militia.

Attack on offices

In an interview with BBC Persian television, Hossein Karroubi said that a few days ago, an Iranian government official had spoken to his mother, the proprietor of Iran Dokht.

The official had criticised the political stance of the opposition leader.

Hossein Karroubi said that three months ago there had been an attack on the offices of the journal and the attackers had taken "five or six" computer drives with them.

Publication of the newspaper Etemaad was suspended by Iran's Media Supervision Board, which says it was responsible for repeated press offences.

Observers say that on Monday it published a story on the reaction to the emergence of a film showing the police attack on Tehran unive... >>>

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IRI's laws: stoning adulterers to death, flogging, etc, etc

by AMIR1973 on

No Fear,

You are a supporter of a cancerous regime, which means you are a cancer yourself. You are a pathetic hypocrite because you are a propagandist for a regime that you don't even live under. You support the IRI and its garbage "laws"? So what the hell are you doing living in the West? Get lost and take your garbage back to the Rapist Regime, you rapist supporter. The IRI is an abomination against humanity, and its "laws" are completely worthless among decent humans (a category which excludes IRI cyber groupies).


Ahmadinejad has had 8 years with some of the highest oil prices during that time (the Shah had high oil prices only from 1973-78). Look at the pathetic state of the economy under this miserable regime. What do you expect when the animal who founded this state said: "Eghtesad mal-e khar ast". Karroubi, the monkey president, and all the other rapists running the IRI are all the same pieces of garbage; there is no major difference between these animals. You're impressed that this garbage regime has been in power for 31 years? Big deal, Mammad Reza Pahlavi sat on the throne for 38 years. The more important question is: why are you living in the West. Get outta here, you parasite. Take yourself back to that Islamist land of "goh".

No Fear

Every country has its own set of laws.

by No Fear on

I posted the links for you to prove that Karoubi's newspaper has broken the law ( Whether you agree with this law or not , is another issue ).  Karoubi agrees with this law. He was the head of majlis when the law was ratified and passed. And yet, he knowingly breaks the same law that he was a major part for creating it. Come can't be that dumb not to see my point.

To suggest karoubi is exercising his rights as freedom of press or expression or whatever you name it, is simply ridiculous. Yet some retards believe he is a reformist and his paper shouldn't get the temporarely ban.  Besides, freedom of speech and expression is NOT a part of our laws and constitution. They are a part of US / canada and european country laws, but not our laws. Do you want them to be a part of our laws? fine... go ask Karoubi and his reformist team who had complete control of the majlis when the press law was debated over and passed about it. Don't bark up the wrong tree, it makes you look dumb.

Anyway, i have no debate with you since you question IR as a whole and i don't. I work and try to make a difference within IR while you are hell bent to overthrow it even if it takes another 30 years of failed attempts with no clear direction. I work within the law frame of our constitution while you don't agree with it and want to import the western laws in Iran without any considerations to our culture and religious beliefs. Me and you are a world apart and we can't have a meaningful debate. I am far from being a rapist or murderer and the likes of me have been giving our lives for Islam and Iran at any chance that was given. While the likes of Rafsanjani and Karoubi and etc have been filling their pockets with back door deals. Enough is enough, we will continue to expose these dinosaurs and enshaallah bring them to trial.

I support Ahmadinejad and his quest to rid our politics from two faced snakes like Karoubi and Co.  Our time is limited and we can only accomplish so much in the remaining 3 years. If we don't succeed, Iran will witness the same dinosaurs ruling over her as before.


Totalitarian Iran Press Laws; Article 6

by thexmaster on

Article 6: The print media are permitted to publish news items except in cases when they violate Islamic principles and codes and public rights as outlined in this chapter:

   1. Publishing atheistic articles or issues which are prejudicial to Islamic codes, or, promoting subjects which might damage the foundation of the Islamic Republic; 
   2. Propagating obscene and religiously forbidden acts and publishing indecent pictures and issues which violate public decency; 
   3. Propagating luxury and extravagance; 
   4. Creating discord between and among social walks of life specially by raising ethnic and racial issues; 
   5. Encouraging and instigating individuals and groups to act against the security, dignity and interests of the Islamic Republic of Iran within or outside the country; 
   6. Disclosing and publishing classified documents, orders and issues, or, disclosing the secrets of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic, military maps and fortifications, publishing closed-door deliberations of the Islamic Consultative Assembly or private proceedings of courts of justice and investigations conducted by judicial authorities without legal permit; 
   7. Insulting Islam and its sanctities, or, offending the Leader of the Revolution and recognized religious authorities (senior Islamic jurisprudents); 
   8. Publishing libel against officials, institutions, organizations and individuals in the country or insulting legal or real persons who are lawfully respected, even by means of pictures or caricatures; and 
   9. Committing plagiarism or quoting articles from the deviant press, parties and groups which oppose Islam (inside and outside the country) in such a manner as to propagate such ideas (the limits of such offenses shall be defined by the executive by-law).


These are the laws that people like No Fear are proud of, and which supposedly all these reformist papers have broken.  It's laws any totalitarian regime which fears a free society would call its own  So, which part of this did the newpaper break?  Inciting?   


IRI groupie No Fear does not belong in the West (go back to IRI)

by AMIR1973 on


Dear IRI cyber groupie (aka No Fear),

IRI-supporting garbage does not belong in the democratic societies of the world's freest and most advanced countries in North America or Europe. Rather, IRI-supporting cancerous tumors should metastasize right back to the Mother Lode of this cancer in IRI. IRI is a good place to live? Fine, then leave the West and join the whole lot of smelly monkeys who rule that Third World dungeon of murder, rape, flogging, stoning, and theft. Iranians deserve much better than the IRI, and frankly, Westerners deserve a lot better than to have garbage who support the anti-Western thugs of the IRI living in their midst. After 31 years of earning oil and natural gas revenues, this regime of akhoonds and their executioners (i.e. Pasdaran) has left Iran poorer than it found it. How incredibly pathetic! But what do you expect when you have a country run by clerics and the chaghookesh who support them? Why don't you live according to your propaganda and get back to the Islamist paradise, with its garbage heap standards of living and governance? Even better, if you will go and step on a landmine, I promise to give you one of those awesome IRI-issued plastic keys to heaven.




No Fear

Here are the answer to your questions....

by No Fear on

As displayed,  my sources are a lot more reliable than yours.

This is the court order; //

and other interesting reads;


I have posted the press laws here before, if you search, you can find the pnline version of the press law and see why they were banned.

Just 5 minutes of search has given you more facts than the bull posted on LA times. I hope you get the point.



No Brain

by thexmaster on

For 31 years people like you haven't changed the way they protest against IR.


What protests?  People were killed in the thousands during the beginning of the revolution.  Nobody was protesting then.  There were no protests during the war.  No reformists.  Just fear, rape, torture and murder.  The first time anyone heard of of any widespread political protests was in 1999 .  

Honestly, do you have any idea what you're talking about?  All you do is post the silliest and most incoherent comments.  There doesn't seem to be an ounce of truth in anything you say.  Amir talks about the 31 years of repression which is fact, and you come up  ehh...your protests sucked in those 31 years.  

Like I said, you really have no clue what you're talking about.  You just like to pretend you're smart, talking about pragmatism.  But you really don't understand the term.  There is nothing pragmatic with what this regime does, or how its supporters act.  It's all desperation to save a regime which has killed more than any leader in the past few centuries.  Ha.  Pragmatism.  


 I believe in tangable reforms. I believe any system or government can be changed for the better. I believe in baby steps. I believe in permanent changes.


No you don't. If you did, you would support Rafsanjani, Khatami and Karroubi who have tried tangible reform, baby steps and all that non-sense which has lead to a dead end.  You know why?  Because reforms are the worst enemy of a totalitarian state and they will stop it any cost.  Gorbechiv created reforms which finally lead to the downfall of the Union.  

You don't want reforms.  All you want to do is sound smart.   But you're just another hypocrite living in the west and using its freedom to spread your ignorance and supporting rape and torture of your own people.  Now that truly is pathetic.  



I am not an idiot 


You haven't shown any proof to back up this claim.   


I don't expect much debate from someone with a photo

by thexmaster on

of a massive jaw on a face.  Of course as expected, you didn't provide the laws these newspapers broke.  You along with other IRI minions quickly throw out the accusation of "inciting violence" when there is no evidence of this other than the mountain of evidence that it's the IRI that is initiating and instigating the violence.  It the typical delusional mindset which fears any facts that harm all preconceived notions.  

The LA times article is merely stating the facts. It even shows the ettemadi melli article.  But all you can do is rant against the LA times.  I don't even think you read that article or the BBC article. 

Why should I do research on your allegations?  The burden of proof rests on you.  

 You people seem to have this uncontrollable tendency to compare the IRI with the US.  Tell me, when the abu ghraib story come out did the US close down and ransack offices of newspapers and media outlets?  I hope you're enjoying your freedom here little kid because you will not get it in Iran. 

No Fear

Listen to yourselves ...

by No Fear on

@ Thexmaster;

Answer this please; Don't you think there is a serious problem with you getting your facts from sources like LA times and such which the writers are not even Iranians? Where do they get their facts? There are enough online sources from Iran that you can read ( from different points of views as well ) which you can get very close to the "real" picture.  Right now, you know shit nothing about whats happening in Iran and while you see only the tip of the iceberg ( like LA times ) , others look at how deep this iceberg goes. I am not interested in a debate with you. You may scream your lungs out if you wish. Start your own research and digging.

@ Amir1973

For 31 years people like you haven't changed the way they protest against IR. Its the same ol same from 3 decades ago. A lot of huff and puffs and nothing else. You have nothing new to say in the last 30 years. Been banging your head on this wall for awhile now, and you may continue to do so for another 3 decades. You belong to a failed and unorganized political faction that has not changed its way on how to deal with its enemy. People like you never learn and are stuborn in their beliefs. Go ahead and call me an IR rapist or whatever for the next 30 years. Do you think i give a damn?

The fact is , you are nobody. You don't count. You are "nokhody". You have no pull or push effect. You guys can't even represent yourselves properly as a group. How miserable that must feel for you , specially when you have to repeat it again for another 30 years. It is pathetic.... really. Specially when you are waiting for handouts and supports from foreign governments.

I believe in tangable reforms. I believe any system or government can be changed for the better. I believe in baby steps. I believe in permanent changes. I believe in the majority even if its not to my liking. I believe in pragmatic approaches.

I am not an idiot who is going to bang his head on the same wall over and over and over again. But, you can be my guest and go ahead.


Great Job No Fear! Glad to see you're on top of your delusions

by thexmaster on

with more hilarious non-sense.  Perhaps maybe you can enlighten the rest of us on the specific laws these newspapers broke.  Ah yes, must be the "inciting violence by publishing truth and facts" amendment:


Because we all know nothing boils the blood of the IRI and its minions then someone who speaks the truth, thus inciting violent behavior such a beating, raping and torture.  

But it's still fun to see IRI groupies talk about "iranian law" as if the IRI actually follows any laws except for the ones it makes up on the spot. 


No Fear's IRI comedy hour

by AMIR1973 on

No Fear, an IRI cyber groupie residing in the decadent West, tries his attempt at standup comedy:

"Dr. Ahmadinejad has done an excellent job to make these people accountable for their past deeds."

LOOOOL. The entire regime is a 31-year old cancer of murder, rape, and theft. As if Khamenei and the IRGC scum who have been the main executioners, rapists, and assassins of this regime from its earliest days are any kind of judges for the other so-called "reformist" faction of killers and thieves within the IRI. You have to love the "political analysis" supplied by IRI groupies regarding the miserable hellhole known as IRI from the comfort of their homes in North America and Europe.

No Fear

"Iran Dokht " Newspaper belonged to Fatemeh Karoubi.

by No Fear on

Just foundout that this paper belonged to Karoubi's wife.

it must be ironic for Karoubi to see his newspapers shut down according to press laws that were passed in the majlis when he was the head of parliament.

It fills me with joy to see Ahmadinejad and his team are returning the "Favour" on these incompotent dinosaurs like Rafsanjani, Karoubi, Khatami, Mousavi and etc. These people should be brought to trial.

Also, Just got news that Rafsanjani two children, faezeh and mehdi ( i think ), are under investigation and must appear in Tehran court soon.

Dr. Ahmadinejad has done an excellent job to make these people accountable for their past deeds . If this becomes a common trait in future administrations, it will cut down corruption considerablely.




Cost-of-Progress: Dare to believe

by AMIR1973 on

IRI reform means that the number of lashes for "crimes" such as sex outside marriage will be reduced by 10%; reform means that akhoonds with either moustaches or beards will choose the country's next leader when the current turbaned monkey drops dead, as opposed to only akhoonds with beards. Reform means that the IRI will send boys 14 and up to jebheh to step on landmines as opposed to boys 12 and up. That is reform, IRI style.


This form of censorship is a

by Gavazn on

This form of censorship is a disgrace.


Lipstick on a pig

by Cost-of-Progress on

My apology to pigs, but what exactly does reform in an islamic theocracy means? Less repression and imposition of the islamic will on people? Does it mean freedom for those whose ideology differ with that of islam? Does it mean allowing women to dress as they please? Does it mean treating women equal as men?

I think not! 

Since when has any organized religious cult ever done anything that wasn't wrong, reprehensible or outright wrong to the people?

Islamic government is a failure - reformed or not!






I agree with 2 resident IRI cyber groupies re: IRI "reform"

by AMIR1973 on

The IRI is an unreformable piece-of-garbage clerical dictatorship. There is no reforming this murderous regime. Reformist mafiosi are merely another species of IRI parasites, just like their unwashed, murderous, and corrupt cousins in the IRGC and Khamenei mafia. You do have to marvel, though, st the IRI cyber groupies who live in democratic countries in the West but vomit up propaganda for a regime ruled by the Twelfth Imam's representative. Okay, IRI cyber groupies, I guess fact really is stranger than fiction.

No Fear


by No Fear on

The election issue and the aftermath has to be put to rest. Only an oppurtunistic dinosaur like Karoubi can publicly announce solidarity and a non violence approach only to encourage otherwise in his Etemaad newspaper. (Two faced snake ).

These so called reformists have no shame or standards.



It's illegal to yell fire in a crowded theater

by amgw4 on

The same would happen to an American paper that incited violence.

Moussavi thought he could disrupt a city and destroy private property without any repercussion. That's not how the world works.