BIOGRAPHY Some days it’s really easy to be a metal blogger. When OFF frontman Farbod emailed me and asked me to check out his website, and I was greeted with a fully functioning Pacman game, the music could have been ultra-shitty chugcore and I may have still tried to find some interest in it. What you get though is an eclectic mix of metal, rock, and acoustic pieces combined with skillful songwriting that made it a no brainer to try and work with them. The fact that they come from the ultra underground (literally) Iranian metal scene also makes for some interesting conversation. In this interview I get Farbod and lead guitarist Aidin to tell us about being part of a metal band in an intolerant place, their new album Fake OFF (which you can buy right here!) and the art of tactfully dodging questions by feigning translations problems :p >>>

Sell your wife, buy a TV
by Jahanshah Javid updated 04-Aug-2010


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