Sweet Kerman

What is Kerman's most famous pastry? KOLOMPEH

Winner: Fataneh Kianerci. 100 Afarin!

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to Pastry Lover

by haghgoo (not verified) on

Have you noticed all the wineers are almost always female? for females. Gender discrimination.



by Faribors Maleknasri M. D (not verified) on

I just find this description of KOLOMPEH. I think may be some one is interessted to know more details. so please hier are more details bout Kolompeh:
I was having tea with a piece of Kolompeh, an Iranian sweet/cookie from the city of Kerman. It just came accross my mind how much art is in this sweet. Covered with pistachio powder(from city of Rafsanjan) , a hard cover of bread over a thick layer of dates (from city of Bam) filled with walnut and cardamom (from Kerman). There is a clear trace of culture of the region in this simple, delicious product. So much eastern!

I realise now that KOLOMPEH is a MULTICULTURAL oranian sweet. since it contains so many different ingridients from all over Province Kerman. In shiraz they have also some sweet named KLUCHEH. Greeting


Various spellings

by Pastry Lover (not verified) on

Hey, I was robbed again. I submitted this answer two days ago, but with a variation of the spelling. How are we supposed to win when many "English Persian" words have multiple spellings?