Frood Fouladvand

Anjoman e Padeshahi e Iran

(Wikipedia) -- Frood Fouladvand (birth name: Fathollah Manouchehri-Fouladvand) is the leader of "Anjoman-e Padeshahi-e Iran" (Monarchy Organization of Iran), which broadcasts on the satellite channel “Your TV” that has been operating in London since 2002.





by amirkabear4u on

We should pray for him.



by jamshid on

Professor Danesh,

With IGI we had/will have dictatorship. With IRI we have dictatorship.

With IGI we had/will have "taghzieye raayegaan", etc. With IRI we have "gorsnegiye raayegaan", etc.

Hope this one example clarifies the difference.


everyone who gets into Iranian politics is schizophrenic,

by Lucifercus (not verified) on

except those, who live in Iran. Take fpr example Mr. G. W. Bush the President of the United States of America. He does not live in Iran, but gets into iranian Politics purposely.



by Professor Danesh, Preparing for Retirement (not verified) on

Now imagine IGI (Imperial Goovernment of Iran) is just officially established and expected to run in a democraticly federative system...with the king only a figure head hardly talked and only occaasionally seen...

Now the first question that comes to mind as the first prioroty is: What do we have for lunch? What do we have for dinner? And how are we going to support that even if we have broken the breakfast in only quick few hastey bites...



to Parham

by Bipolar (not verified) on

I suggest you seek the answer in yourself!



by Danesh (not verified) on

...One thing is for sure ... he is a very good looking polished iranian man and with a bit smile with this asset he can go even for few more miles...

Does he wish to go even farther? Then he better takes off his hat for some fresh air blowing...

Try the pronounciation...


He admits he is not Fooladvand

by Anonymous Guy (not verified) on

If you listen through, he actually says "join Fooladvand and his movement". So, this man is not appearing as Fooladvand. He is just pormoting Fooladvand and his movement!



by Anonymous54 (not verified) on



Bunch of charlatans

by Ali (not verified) on

All these L.A "political" TV shows are ran by a bunch charlatans who would do anything to attract some more viewers and make a little more money. They have learned (probably after the whole Hakha mania) that the more dramatic and foolish they look, the more ratings they will get. And all this fuss about Foulavand having been "abducted" by the I.R is nothing but another advertisement stunt for the same purpose.

These people are dangerous unethical charlatans and traitors; They discredit and damage real dissident voices while injecting the poison of racism, hatred, division, superficiality and irrationality into an already frustrated Iranian society!

People should just stop watching their shows no matter how "entertaining" they look.


The guy didn't say anything

by jamshid on

The guy didn't say anything out of line. I don't know what the fuss is about. He is hated because he is carrying the Foroohar sign? Perhaps.

By the way, he is not Fooladvand. He does not look like him nor talk like Fooladvand. Fooladvand is most likely assasinated somewhere in Iran after he returned last year.


Bad Joke !!!!!

by hoshiar (not verified) on

He is not the famous fouladvand. He was an intelligent man and the first one who start criticizing the Koran and Islam in a logical way. He disappeared in the Turkey and some people believe he was killed by Mulla's agents when he was entering Iran. The jerk on the video is the boyfriend of Kemal Ataturk.


Not him!

by Ajam (not verified) on

This is not Frood Fooladvand. Actually, the real Fooladvand is a very interesting character with a unique philosophy. This guy bored the hell out me, and I'm not even a third of the way through the video!


Shahollahis are fun! Let them talk more, Please!

by havefunandlaugh (not verified) on

It is fun to see Fathollah teaching us of our past and future!

This must be a spoof of the real character, otherwise it is not hard to see why monarchists and shahollahis are all seen as mere 'jokes' by the Iranian people.

the more serious shahollahis pretend to be the funnier they become and the more we laugh!

more of these videos please...


I thought Reza was too stupid

by Alborzi (not verified) on

You think its the monarchy theme that makes them stupid or were they stupid and became monarchist. Inquiring minds ...


Cheap Joke!

by Concerned Iranian (not verified) on

This idiot is a cheap take on Ostad Fouladvand. He can't even talk! Anyone who wants to know about the real fouladvand, just do a search on Youtube. This guy reminds me of the "Hakha" a couple of years ago on Rangarang TV. He also wanted to talk to "Kheradmandan and Daneshmanda" and go to Ian and save Iran! Iran is fertile ground for people like him, who use up the precious air to say complete Arajeef. But then again, these Arajeef actually will gather followers, sooner or later. But fortunately, this man seems too much of a lunatic to hang around for long.
Let's not forget that Iran was lost to the new government by the use of the same simple-minded speech and by stating the obvious.



by Kamangir on

This is a joke. Fouladvand is someone else!

He was abducted in Turkey and nobody knows what happened to him.

The jackass on the video that pretends to be him, is trying to denigrate the 'farahvar' sign among other things. Although he's the only denigrable character here.



this man is a nut

by Hooshang Fahmeedeh (not verified) on

If this nut is the Iranian opposition then we all may as well give up and return to Iran and make peace once and for all with the Mullahs.

I seriously believe this guy is working for the Ayat'Allahs in Qom. He looks like a clown with that Fez.

When have Iranian men worn a Fez?

He is a disgrace.

Iranian women wear jewelry.

And don't wear jewelry with a sports jacket. It looks too tacky.

this dude needs to get a life.

He should go back to selling shish kabobs on the corner of the street. He looks like a street vendor.


ino haji yeki hastan

by cyrus-1 (not verified) on

In baba va hajiagha har 2 hesabi khengan.
engar mardom ahmaghan ke be harf in 2 zari harekat konan.
in 2zari va 2 zari haye dige mesle oon hanooz nafahmidan ke aval bayad did mishe kami ba ham hamkari kard va be ye natije mosbat resid ya na ,, badesh ba ham harekat konim.

akhe har goozi as sare raah mirese mige donbal man biaeen , ma ham migim BILAKH.


Zendeh bad Zartosht (Zoroastrian)

by Ahora (not verified) on

Drood bar Frood Fouladvand. Islam go home.



by Parham on

Why is it that everyone who gets into Iranian politics (or almost) is schizophrenic?

I wonder. :-)



by Q on

nothing more needs to be said. Idiots like him are the reason why the Iranian disapora is not united and has no influence.


I am here a right man

by hajiagha on
let just get and change regime in Iran, I need 100 million dolors ,

where I can have this money ? CIA?

ajab dokani baz kardei baba