How do you spell "Nauruz"

Spelling Bee competition :o)

11-year old Spelling Bee contestant, Allion Salvador gets fails to spell the word Nauruz (Persian New Year). The interesting fact is that Nauruz is just one of the many different English spellings for Persian New Year. It is also spelled as Nowrooz or Norooz!


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bichaareh! who the hell

by Khorshid Khanoom (not verified) on

bichaareh! who the hell spells it NAURUZ i agree with molla loghati NO ROOZ sakht nist!


NOT FAIR! Even Persains don't know how to spell it!

by goldust (not verified) on

When are we coming of an age where we finally spell NOruz, Norooz, Nowruz etc.! This is really cilly! Let's make it standard first! This is a good repesentetive of how divided we are! Anyone for Norooz, or Noruz? Vote!


Wrong Wrong Wrong

by molla loghati (not verified) on

No(new) Rooz (day). What is so hard for these people to pronounce this simple two word name? What is Nau? It sounds like "now".