Tahmineh Milani: Park segregation

Film director criticizes plan for women-only segregated parks in Tehran

Tahmineh Milani, whose films focus on issues facing women in Iran, appeared on Iranian television and criticized segregation of men and women in public, this time with the allocation of a women's only parks... [( AFP) -- Tehran municipality has opened the "Mothers' Paradise" park in the upmarket north of the city to create a male-free zone every day of the week except Friday. Built on hills and filled with lush evergreens, it was deemed an ideal spot for any park. It is now surrounded by iron sheets up to four metres (13 feet) high to keep out prying eyes. Despite its instant popularity, the park has met with some disapproval, with critics arguing that segregation would not be the right answer to social problems including harassment in public places.] >>>



It was an amazing interview

by Sabz (not verified) on

It was an amazing interview and shows how everything is changing nowadays.


No, she is very right!

by Anonymous everyday (not verified) on

Dear Milani is WRONG:
No, she is very right! Please don't be so short-sighted. Just because a lot of people enjoy it, it does not mean it is a good idea. A lot of people enjoy using drugs, that doesn't make it good.
And with all due respect, since when are we taking the Mexicans as model of society to emulate? I have absolutely nothing against the Mexicans, but when it comes to gender roles and issues they do not serve the best example.


Bravo Tahmineh, we need a few of these brave people!!

by aaj sr (not verified) on

They have started seperate women hospital (even though there are not enough specialists or doctors to accommodate all or at least ten per cent of patients for next couple of decades) and there are 8 hotels under construction or renovation for women (there is not enough expertise to run these places). We know that there are women taxi drivers (a few women bus drivers) and there are separate wagons in buses/trains for women. Entrance to most if not all government offices are separated from men's entrances.
There are plans under way to seperate the offices where men and women are working in the same offices .
We know that women cannot go to sport stadiums watching males playing games (you may have seen the movie, where women dress as men...) You have heard that man cannot run hair -dressing saloons and vise versa, and men cannot run women boutiques and vise versa. Of course there is no need to mention that coed swimming pool is biggest crime in their dictionary,at the seaside, women can swim with full body coverage.
there are few other similar apartied, segregation scenarios that I can not recall but, the latest story is if they do not like your dress (if coat or sleeves are short), or men's hair cut not to the code! they will ask where you bought your dress or where you have got your hair cut and they will close down the shop who violated the so-called code!!.
A park in northern Tehran, a city with population of 12 to 15 million, (more than half are women) what would be the benefit?
As far as I am concerned, if this was located in southern part of Tehran where the poverty is very high and facilities are extremely limited, I would have like it more.
to sum up: The system started to change the society in a very gradual slow speed and in few years you would see a total different society, something similar to Saudi or Teleban style. Their gradual, systematic approach is very smart. Obviously, they could not change the system over night, due to the fact, that people would not accept it nor they have the resources and equipments; for that, they have started with the school books, therefore they are brain washing the kids and when they are grown up (same as Madrese style in Pakistan/Afghanistan), they are ready to change without any extra efforts and by then, the system is ready too.
To make the long story short, If it was me, I would boycott the park all together and make damn sure that others follow suite.


خانم مجري بيشتر

ساناز (not verified)

خانم مجري بيشتر براي رختشويي با اون چوبك ها و صابون برگردون ميخوره. كه بعدش ميره مولودي . خودش خجالت نميكشه از اون لباس ذلت كه تن و سرش كرده و فقط بدون هيچ تفكري بهش ياد دادن با چوبكت بپر وسط حرف طرف و عقيده خودت رو تحميل كن. از عقب نگاهداشتن مردم چه سودي عايد چه كسي ميشود ?



by just looking (not verified) on

What a ... interviewer. What a piece of ... I am not a bad dahan person normally but people like this little ... make me want to chaak my dahan. To think that so many dignified and intelligent people risk their lives to win rights for the likes of this wench. I hate idiots. I've never seen an interviewer interrupt their guest so much. This is her idea of bahs va goftegoo: salitehbaazi.


Milani is WRONG!

by Milani is WRONG! (not verified) on

This lady is SIMPLY not living in the reality known as the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of IRAN. The reality is women are forced to wear hijab. And now there are several parks they can go without it, relax, bike, jog, not be harassed by men, etc. Hence why most woman are embracing it. In fact they are complaining that its only open til 8 pm and why it closes early! I just came back from Iran and they thought it was best idea.

What does Tahmineh want, co-ed bathrooms too? There are certain areas, where "gender segregation" is not bad and has positive affect, she is too influenced by western liberalism. In fact, Mexcio started woman only buses because men were harrassing them:


Is this bad too? Is Mexico an Islamic Republic doing this? NO! Yet it too came to same concluson. Sometimes people need to step out of their ideological fixations and prejudices, and emotions, and realize certain things are not the way they seem them.