Kalagh Par

12-Dec-2009 (3 comments)

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Mort Gilani

May Vigen's Soul Rest In Peace

by Mort Gilani on

This song is fun and has a better musical arrangement than the original by Vigen. The singer looks like Mexican actor, García Bernal.
I enjoyed this song.


Very very nice.

by pedro on

My father sang this to us when we were very young.

Very good voice, Keep up with all Iranian traditional songs. any one that can stand in front of people and read or sing is awesome in my book.

Emil, Can you sing better? let's hear it. Meanwhile, Lets enjoy together.

There is only one nation, only one, in the world who can hate their other felow citizens with out any reson. Is it the Jews, Arabs, europeans, Americans,......................................... no, you guessed right, Iranians.

Did we learn a lesson from history, no, Mongols came, Alexander came, Arabs came, Reza shah and his son came and then we let the Arabs in again for more raping, killings and looting. Have we learned to love and care for one another, encorage each other and be united, no!!

Who is going to rule and rape us next ? 

Say nothing if you have nothing nice to say.

Thanks Mehrdadm



Crime against hearing sense..

by Emil on

To listen to this guy is a crime against hearing sense...what a "domboly kosak" music...but we need that too I guess from time to time..