31-Jul-2009 (3 comments)

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Mort Gilani

Awesome Protest Song

by Mort Gilani on

I wish Iranian radio programs played songs like this instead of primitive Iranian traditional music which churns my stomach.


There is no force on earth that equals...

by faryarm on

Where is all this leading? I have lost many family and friends  to the Injustice and cruelty in the last 30 years. 

One Can not but despair, when faced with such widespread injustice...I take comfort , and have faith and hope; I hope you might too, in the following warning to the oppressors in the world and the promise of Justice and transformation...

"Take heed, O concourse of the rulers of the world! There is no force on earth that can equal in its conquering power the force of justice and wisdom. I, verily, affirm that there is not, and hath never been, a host more mighty than that of justice and wisdom. Blessed is the king who marcheth with the ensign of wisdom unfurled before him, and the battalions of justice massed in his rear. He verily is the ornament that adorneth the brow of peace and the countenance of security. There can be no doubt whatever that if the day-star of justice, which the clouds of tyranny have obscured, were to shed its light upon men, the face of the earth would be completely transformed."


Maryam Hojjat

Thanks, JJ

by Maryam Hojjat on

for posting this nice song.

Payandeh Iran  & Iranian

Down with IRI & His supporters