Ki badesh miad?

First single from Nooshin's album "Ki badesh miad?" >>>

03-Mar-2009 (18 comments)

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liebe Nooshin

by Armin (not verified) on

Hallo Liebe Nooshin
das videoclip war sehr schon.
Ganz Liebe Gruesse aus Dortmund


Very nice voice, but i

by Arashekamaangir (not verified) on

Very nice voice, but i didn't enjoy the song. Good Chance


ghashange wali in sabke

by rapdoost (not verified) on

ghashange wali in sabke music dige ghadimiye^^
music jadid karaye rape far30 hastesh...mesle kafaran binam...waghan mahsharan


Yeah....give her a brake...or break...or...whatever

by Majid on

Well....she might be hot, but she "tries" to SING!!

And for that, you need good voice, lots of talent, Good music and good lyrics, not LOOK! The ones with good look are on the cover of magazines, with their lips closed!

Show me ONE person with good "look" in blues music world!

No other line of music is so full of ugly but talented people....:-)

She could do good in one of the "chelo kabaabi" restaurants in Westwood Blvd. 

BUT.................these days there are buyers for anything.

Good luck


give her a brake

by gorgani (not verified) on

what's wrong with some of you people, give her a brake, if you're brave enough why don't you do it?! if you can't just shut up and listen.
grow up, that's why our country with all her wealth and resources is in the shape she is and we have to live here like refugees.


ma ke khoshemon nayomad!

by kofri (not verified) on

ma ke khoshemon nayomad!


great voice, trash words

by Mehrnaz (not verified) on

Great voice, great looks, catchy tune ... trash words, unoriginal mimicking style.

Good luck to her using her very good voice and good looks better ... in time


Ki badesh miyaad?

by Sag tooleh (not verified) on

Ki badesh miyaad?
Man badam miyaaaad!
Man badam miyaad... laa laa laa laa laaaaaaa...

PS. I didn't know Sarah Palin had change career!!


She's cool

by azadi55 (not verified) on

I actually liked this song. It's different from the traditional persian music that we are used to hearing other women signers do, and in that sense I like it. Good luck to her.


great voice. Needs a good

by Anonymous00 (not verified) on

great voice. Needs a good hair cut.


You know.....ehmmmmmmmm

by Spaceman on

I agree, she's HOT, no argue with that... but there is somthing about the song...

You know...

I didn't like it at all, actually I think it was kind of disturbing.

It's like the bad mixture of Lita Ford, Samantha Fox and Shohreh ... or... what ever.

playing Electric guitar doesn't make your song sound cool or Rock.

Mabe if it was 18 years ago she could become a hip but now with the great artists like Kaveh Yaghmaei, Khak, abjeez, Kiosk, 127 and many more, she has a long way to go.

for sure she needs better lyrist and songwriter......

and she should cut down those "Eshveh"

That was too much.


Good mother of Nazareth ...

by Saman on



She's Hot!

by Nooshinfan (not verified) on

More power to her. She is sooooooooo Hot! I'll date her in a heart bit.


Basic Pop Trash

by MiNeum71 on

Don´t deal severely with her, contemporary pop music is becoming trash also in Europe and in the States  ;)


Too much movement and no voice!!

by Nokteh (not verified) on

I wish we could be more original and stop the wanna-be acts.


Ki badesh miad?

by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

me, or actually I got so bored before the end of the introductary bar. Can't be bothered ke badam biad


Googoosh was more original

by Alborzi (not verified) on

She does look fine, but when googoosh did it, it was a new thing, its kind of like Elvis, now every redneck has sideburns. But don't get me wrong its fine.



by Abarmard on

Nistam :)