'Pelastiki', a track about societies obsession with plastic surgery! This is the 4th music video released by Karmandan. Produced by Erwin Khachikian and Directed by Marcus Nash Lyrics by Omid Oliaee.

03-Apr-2010 (3 comments)

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Good message

by Monda on

Nice production.


* on his daftarcheh!

by Melodica on

Erwin is a great musician and I enjoy all his music videos. Once again he's done a great job! So if I was his teacher I'd give him 20/20 and a * on his daftarche mashgh ;O)


Karmandan is doing a really great job.

by پیام on

I love all his video clips, smart and funny. His music is something diffrent of which we are used from US based Iranian artists.