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20-Oct-2010 (9 comments)

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David ET

same old 6x8 daambooli chizak rythm

by David ET on

even after 30 years in LA , some things haven't changed.. 


Statira women are supposed to wear "provocative" men can't.

by Anonymouse on

What would be a "provocative" outfit for a man? Speedo?!  When men try to put on makeup and "dress provocative" they look stupid!  Men can't even "dress" like women much less provocative.

Men are mostly in uniform when they're "dressed up" like wearing a suit or tux, women on the other hand have no limitation and can go from mini to maxi and everything in between! 

Everything is sacred


Eight times

by KingReza on

I tried eight times to watch this to the end. usually by the time she starts raping im face palming away from the video.



by statira on

The boys in the video look like teenagers and the singer seems much older than them. It's funny its okay for her to dress provacative , but its not okay for the boys to look at her.Anyway, nice video.


I hate that FOB haircut

by azadi5 on

What is it with these Iranian boys and this stupid type of hair style? I see a lot of them who are newcomers with this hairstyle. they look like cartoon characters.

As for the girl, I can only hope to be pulled over by cop dressed like that :)


Girl look good, boy look like monkey!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred

کلاه مخملی

ریخت و قیافش بد نیست .. :) !

کلاه مخملی





This video is hilarious

by fidelio5 on

How old is she 42?
in a high school!!... uh huh.
The only thing more sad than this is a three legged puppy.

Dirty Angel

Just one bar

by Dirty Angel on


Basse ba in rohoozitoon. Seriously painful!


"Why do you want to be happy when you could just be normal?"