Man o To, Derakht o Baroon

Poem by Ahmad Shamloo من و تو، درخت و بارون ...

21-Apr-2012 (3 comments)


Nafisi is one of our best,

by Mehrban on

I have been looking for a birthday gift for a friend.  A Soheil Nafisi CD may just be the answer.  The question is how/where to get one between now and Friday?



by afshin on


Jahanshah Javid

So beautiful

by Jahanshah Javid on

مثِ برفایی تو.
تازه آبم که بشن برفا و عُریون بشه کوه
مثِ اون قله‌ی مغرورِ بلندی
که به ابرای سیاهی و به بادای بدی می‌خندی...