No Bahaar

17-Mar-2012 (3 comments)

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by Joubin on

Thank you for posting.

Think Clearly, Speak Straight, and Act Decisively.  Only then will you be an Iranian.

Ari Siletz

Big "like."

by Ari Siletz on

Kiavash Teymourian (born 1982 Tehran) began by studying daf and tonback as a teenager and won the International Fajr Music Festival award for daf at the age of 21. So listen for percussion in this video; it's Kiavash's forte. He began studying tar and tanbour in his early twenties. Red Wine is musically astute to note that Kiavash's mastery of vocals is still developing because the vocal Persian radif is exactly what Kiavash is studying these days. His voice is not what we traditionally call "garm," and is somewhat on the nasal and raspy side for a traditional ear. But the new generation is open to a lot more variety, and Kiavash's fantastic musicianship expolits this attitude brilliantly.

Interesting tahrir (chah chaheh)at 2:40.


Red Wine


by Red Wine on

به هر گونه نو آوری و خلاقیت در دنیا موسیقی‌ اصیلِ ایرانی خوش آمد می‌‌گوئیم.

امیدواریم که ایشان در زمینه صدا و شیوه آواز خوانی بیشتر کار کنند.

با سپاس .