“HE SAID: “Who’s knocking at my door?” Said I: “Your humble servant!” Said He: “What business have you got?” Said I: “I came to greet You!” Said He: “How long are you to push?” Said I: “Until You’ll call me!” Said He: “How long are you to boil?” Said I: “Till resurrection!” I claimed I was a lover true and I took may oaths That for the sake of love I lost my kingdom and my wealth! He said: “You make a claim – the judge needs witness for your cause!” Said I: “My witness is my tears, my proof my yellow face!” Said He: “The witness is corrupt, your eye is wet and ill!” Said I: “No, by Your eminence: My eye is sinless clear!” He said: “And what do you intend?” Said I: “Just faithful friendships!” Said He: “What do you want from me?” Said I: “Your grace abundant!” Said He: “Who travelled here with you?” Said I: “Your dream and phantom!” Said He: “And what led you to me?” Said I: “Your goblet’s fragrance!” Said He: “What is most pleasant, say?” Said I: “The ruler’s presence!” Said He: “What did you see there, friend?” Said I: “A hundred wonders!” Said He: “Why is it empty now?” Said I: “From fear of brigands!” Said He: “The brigand, who is that?” Said I: “IT is the blaming!” Said He: “And where is safety then?” Said: “In renunciation.” Said He: “Renunciation? That’s … ?” Said I: “The path to safety!” Said He: “And where is danger, then?” Said I: “In Your love’s quarters!” Said He: “And how do you fare there?” Said I: “Steadfast and happy.” I tested you and tested you, but it availed to nothing – Who tests the one who was once tried, he will repent forever! Be silent! If I’d utter here the secrets fine he told me, You would go out all of yourself, no door nor roof could hold you”