“Muhammad once was talking to a crowd of chieftains, princes with great influence, when a poor blind man interrupted him. Muhammad frowned and said to the man, “Let me attend to these visitors. This is a rare chance, whereas you are already my friend. We’ll have ample time.” Then somebody nearby said, “That blind man may be worth a hundred kings. Remember the proverb, Human beings are mines.” World-power means nothing. Only the unsayable, jeweled inner life matters. Muhammad replied, “Do not think that I’m concerned with being acknowledged by these authorities. If a beetle moves toward rosewater, it proves that the solution is diluted. Beetles love dung, not rose essence. If a coin is eager to be tested by the touchstone, that coin itself may be a touchstone. A thief loves the night. I am day. I reveal essences. A calf thinks God is a cow. A donkey’s theology changes when someone new pets it and gives it what it wants. I am not a cow, or thistles for camels to browse on. People who insult me are only polishing the mirror”