“When the Queen of Sheba thought to honor Solomon, she loaded forty mules with gold bricks, but when her caravan reached the wide plain leading to Solomon’s palace, they noticed that the top layer of the plateau was pure gold! For forty days they journeyed on gold. What foolishness to take gold bars to Solomon when the very dirt there is gold! You that think to offer your intelligence to God, reconsider. Intelligence on the way is less than road dust. The embarrassing commonness of what they bring slows them down. They argue. They discuss turning back, but they continue, carrying out the orders of their queen. Solomon laughs when he sees them unloading. “When have I asked you for a sop for my soup? I do not want gifts from you. I want you ready for the gifts I give. You worship a planet that creates gold. Worship instead the one who creates universes. You worship the sun, which is only a cook. Think of a solar eclipse. What if you get attacked at midnight? Who will help you then?”