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A kiss in a Cadillac
... and crash!

By xAle
January 25, 2000
The Iranian

After a few rainy days, it was such a pleasure to see the sun again. The delicate new leaves shined invitingly with brilliant colors. Mashhad's winter cold had started to fade and everywhere one could see that spring was in the air.

Sparrows made fresh nests and the narcissus with their long stalks were about to bloom. There was so much happening with spring just a few weeks away; it was hard not to join in.

After school, as I left the courtyard, I saw Hamid standing next to a big, shiny black car asking if I wanted to go for a ride in a Cadillac. I had never seen a car that big and so beautiful with leather seats and silver trim everywhere.

The afternoon sun felt too good to be wasted by standing and looking at the car. We drove to our favorite hill in Vakilabad. It had a narrow passageway around, and one could drive all the way to the top.

The scenery was breathtaking. You could see the valley bellow and clusters of small villages to one side, and the road to Mashhad stretched and defined with mulberry trees to the other side.

Usually we would stop at a small shop by the road and buy some food. Fresh sarshir with hot lavaash, dough with toot, or ghaaghore in early summer. The fresh spring air made the place, the company and the moment just perfect.

We watched the sunset before we drove back. Both of us were quiet, still thinking about the beautiful day we had spent enjoying and anticipating another spring.

As we got closer to the city, the traffic became heavy. We were stopped at a light by Aryameher Park on the outskirts of the city waiting for the light to change when Hamid moved over towards me and surpized me with a kiss!

Shaken, I moved further towards the window. Hamid reached towards me to take my hand as he was apologizing. His foot slipped from the break and he crashed into the car in front of us and damaged the lights on both cars.

I spare you the details of the encounter and what he had to do to pay and fix two cars, but I have to say he always talked about this most memorable accident and the sweetest kiss of his life!

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