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Playing into their hands
Iranians do not wish destruction for any person or country


October 28, 2005

The recent quotation from the president of Iran has again put Iranians all over the world under pressure and will cause hardship to them.  I have not read Mr. Ahmadinejad’s speech; I just hope his words were not taken out of context which is routinely done by sensational journalists and the news media. 

Not so long ago, the previous president, Mr. Khatami, advocated dialogue among civilizations, arguing for peaceful solutions so that nations can work on their differences, rather than use arms or inflammatory rhetoric to attack each other.

Many countries have an interest in Iran’s oil and natural resources. These countries will benefit by turmoil in Iran and in the neighboring region.  It is essential that the Iranian leadership and the Iranian people not play into the hands of these countries.

Iranians have been peaceful people and want to remain peaceful.  It is not our desire to initiate a fight with another individual or another country.  We do not wish destruction for any person or any country.

Negative comments from the Iranian leadership place other Iranians at risk in a myriad of ways.  For example, they become isolated and are questioned in matters which have nothing to do with them (for example, in airports and in their job applications). 

Although Iran has supported many countries in times of crisis and need, very few have reciprocated.  An excellent example is Syria which has received a great deal of oil and  financial help from Iran, but it always has sided with Arab countries against Iran.

It seems that Iran cares for Palestinian rights more than for its own citizens.  There are over twenty Arab countries which have done very little for the Palestinians.  Why are we not concerned about our own nationals being at risk of being attacked, deported, and fired from their jobs?  Iranian nationals have been mistreated in many countries; why has no Arab country or Palestinian authority said anything in support of Iranians?

There are over several hundred thousand Iranians who live in Israel.  Although their well being is our main concern, we do care about all nationalities.

It appears that the world is waiting to receive negative comments about Iran to justify harming us and to continue to ignore our contributions to world civilization.  Many of our scientists, artists, and poets are now being claimed as nationals of other countries; this is an usurpation of our culture and our historical heritage, such as renaming the Persian Gulf, betraying its Iranian origin.

We Iranians are the children of great leaders and ancestors who promoted peace and cultivated civilization through out the world.  We value other nationalities, regardless of their religious beliefs, culture, or customs.

Iran should seek to promote positive relations with the international community, while protecting its national interest and resources.  Our organizations are ready to offer a helping hand in this trying time.

Dr. Mohammad Ala, Professor of Management teaches in Iran, China, and the USA. He is the founder and board member of,, and

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Mohammad Ala


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