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Reshteh & Koshkar
Photo essay: A little known but favorite Shomali Ramazan treat

Mohammad Ala
Photos by Amin Alipour
September 27, 2006

Iranians who live in the Gilan and Mazandaran provinces are familiar with the desserts of Reshteh and Khoshkar which are usually made during the month of Ramazan. Shomali people who immigrated to the other parts of the country took these desserts with them and kept their tradition going. You may be familiar with the similar treat known as Zoolbiya/Bamieh >>> First photo

Main ingredient for Reshteh: Rice flour

Main ingredients for Khoshkar: Rice flour (with a filling of ground walnut, sugar, cardamom, and cinnamon powder)

The liquid rice flour is drizzled in a criss-cross pattern (similar to shredded wheat) over a hot flat griddle for few minutes until cooked. The confection is then pressed and shaped into it's trademark rectangular shape and distinctive checkered pattern.

Customers buy them at specialty shops take them home and put them in a heated oil in a pan and re-fry them for 2 minutes (or until each side turns golden). Then they are soaked in boiling syrup (mix of sugar and water) for 1 minute. Some people prefer to eat the desserts warm while others prefer to serve them after they are cooled.

As far as I am concerned, either way they are delicious! >>> First photo

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