Seeing you


March 4, 2006

Your gentleness is hard to find

Your smile stands out from a crowded place

Your love is one of a kind

I will never forget your warm embrace

I know who you truly are

I see what you are all about

Whether you are near or far

You will be with me, no doubt

Your heart and soul amaze me

Your mind and thought are so unique

Your eyes can make others see

That love is what they should seek

There is a certain shine in your face

A presence of which I can’t get enough

Being with you I feel comfort and grace

Cause what we have is more than love

No matter how we move on

Our closeness will always be the same

Cause certain bonds are that strong

That they forever will remain

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To Sara Ansari

Sara Ansari


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Three volume box set of the Persian Book of Kings
Translated by Dick Davis

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