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August 9, 2001

President Bush imprisoned

President George W. Bush has been escaping the jail sentence which he received from the Children's Parliament of the World for neglecting to sign the Kyoto climate agreement. This agreement is essential for the future and the well being of humanity. Bush's escape has ended when his protective shield cracked.

President George W. Bush started to carry out his sentence in the Children's Internet State of the World's Jail on Friday August 3, 2001 at 08.00 world time. The sentence is for two weeks.

According to the sentence president Bush shall think about his responsibilities for the future and wellbeing of the children.

There will be no leaves granted during the time of the sentence, which is 3. - 16. 8. 2001, which also means that his possible appearances are unreal and his speeches are to be invalidated. President George W. Bush can be visited at the address //www.childrensstate.net/judiciary.htm. He is the first inmate in the Children's Internet Jail.

The Council of the Future is presently finishing their guiding principles by which president Bush, for his own part, can participating in the development of the future for humanity. President Bush will be released from the Internet Jail on 16. 8. 2001.

For additional information please contact Jyrki Arolinna, telephone +358 50 370 3091

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Flower delivery in Iran
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