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December 7, 2001

Enghelaab 2.0

BB writes to iranian.com:

Here's an event for the Community News section:

* "Enghelaab v.2.0 - Haalaa Nobateh Maas!"

Where: Tehran, Shiraz, Esfahan, Abadan, and Mashad.
When: 2:00am-ish - ??:??-ish, March 21st, 2002.
What: Join us for a nationwide fun filled popular uprising!
Ages needed: 18-40 yrs.

Plan on bringing a friend, several good sized rocks or sticks, some lavashak, and a warm jacket, as we join together to have fun and restore honor and dignity to our beloved homeland. complimentary t-shirts, doogh-filled squeez bottles, cocktails (molotov-style), haleem, and laboo will be provided to the first 40,000,000 people who show up.

Prior military, monarchist, or religious experience not needed, just bring a wacky sense of logic, freedom, and your appetite for justice. Those who think there may be a marathon shortly after we begin should bring your running shoes. If you cannot attend, please do not send us your prayers, we do not need any more, we have enough to kill an elephant.


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Flower delivery in Iran
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