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September 18, 2001

They weren't Iranian

Top ten reasons why the hijackers in the September 11 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington were not Iranian:

10. Quarter to nine is too early for most Iranians.

9. Iranians are always late; they would have missed all four flights.

8. The hijackers' car found outside Boston Airport would have been a BMW not a Ford.

7. Once in the air, they would have changed their mind (pashimoon mishodan).

6. Eighteen Iranian men can never organize anything so smoothly.

5. They would have talked behind each other's back and gotten into a big fight among themselves.

4. They would start taarofing with each other (Shomaa beshinid, na,
shomaa befarmaaeed poshte farmoone havaapeymaa).

3. Hot girls on the planes would have distracted them.

2. Free alcohol on the plane; get it?

1. Half of Iran would have known the news, weeks before it happened.

Thanks to Houman

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Flower delivery in Iran
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