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April 25, 2002

Boro kashketo bessaab

I'm looking for the name of a cheese and maybe you can help me. I was an Executive sous chef, for a chef for a while. He says his descendants were from Persia. He cooked authentic style foods for weddings and banquets. Like the rice dishes and things I see listed at this site. Oh what AMAZINGLY delicious food!!

There was a cheese that he used often. It came in a plastic tub and was in liquid. It was in white semi-soft to soft cheese in little balls (like the size of a ping pong). It was a goat or sheep milk cheese of some sort. I can NOT remember the name of that cheese. I'd love to know as I'd love to buy it. He said he shopped at "authentic" stores I assume he meant Iranian authentic food.
Do you have any ideas at all?

I really appreciate your time so much.
Also I love the site and your recipes. Just fabulous!

Thank you and take care,

Cynthia Cox

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