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April 12, 2002

What do you call this?

I was at the Pub downstairs tonight and Ali told me a joke about Shaban "Beemokh" Jafari. I thought it was perfect timing (See today's cover story "Shaban"):

Shaban Beemokh and Teyyeb were the toughest guys in Tehran. And they hated each other. They both claimed to be the strongest man in all of Iran. And they loved to show off their loyalty and devotion to the Shah. One claimed he loved the Shah more than the other.

Teyyeb: I love the Shah more than you do. To prove it I will do 500 push-ups.

That's nothing. I love the Shah even more. To prove it I will run 500 miles on my hands.

Teyyeb: I love the Shah even more. I love the Shah so much he could marry all my three daughters.

Beemokh: What? That's nothing. I love the Shah so much I'd marry him myself.

Teyyeb: So what? I love the Shah so much I've tattooed His Majesty's face on my arm.

Beemokh rips his shirt and says:
Pass een keer-e khar-e ?(What do you call this?Donkey dick?)

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