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April 1, 2002

No joke

Blair aide calls for colonies

By Bob Roberts Political Correspondent|
Daily Mirror
March 28, 2002

A SENIOR aide to Tony Blair yesterday called for a return to colonialism.

Foreign affairs adviser Robert Cooper said: "What is needed is a new kind of imperialism.

"The opportunities, perhaps even the need for colonisation, is as great as it ever was in the 19th century."

Mr Cooper added: "The weak still need the strong and the strong still need an orderly world.

"A world in which the efficient and well-governed export stability and liberty, and which is open for investment and growth, seems eminently desirable."

He said Afghanistan showed what could happen if the West did not intervene in the Third World.

Terrorists could use failed states as bases to attack "orderly" nations.

His comments will anger MPs who think Labour is keener on matters abroad than problems at home.

But Mr Blair stressed that the world couldn't submit to the "savagery ofthe fanatic".

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