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December 28, 2002

Web jargon translations

Newly created Farsi Web Jargon recommended by the Farhangestan Zaban va Adab
Farsi... :)

My favorites:

Netizen = Net-vand
Hub = Naaf
User = Kaarbar
User-Friendly = Kaarbar-Pasand
Client/Server = Kaarkhaah/Karsaaz
Chatroom = Gap-Saraa
Navigation = Naavesh
Download = Baar-Giri
Upload = Baar-Gozaari
Blind Carbon Copy (Bcc) = Roo-Nevesht Mahramaaneh (R.N.M)!!!
E-mail = Raayaa-Naameh





-- Babak Khiavchi

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