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July 2, 2002

Khodaa beh daad... nareseh

From Danjuma Mohammod to

Greeting in the name of Allah. We are Al-shiite Youth movement of Nigeria, founded in the 5th of September 1993, and since then our organisation is made up of over 55, 033 members in north -south, eastern and western, zones of Nigeria. Over the years we have tried to increase our followers, but due to lack of funds, we are fighting a lost battle.

We are often oppressed by our Christian counterparts who are backed by adequate funds from internal government and external Christian Missionaries as agent of Western imperialistic Government, who's influence is fast reaching into our organisation. Since almost half of them are scholars and they are aided to leave Islamic for Christian.

Our Christian counterpart are dominating Nigeria Politically and Socially to our disadvantage. The level of corruption in Nigeria has not favoured Islamic Youth Movements in any field, instead our opposition are taking the centre stage and calling the shots. They are undoubtedly in control of everything due to support and funding.

The Christian's can afford to hold crusades and conferences in big spaces and complexes. Just because they can afford it,meanwhile they laugh at muslim faithful youths when we try to do the same. We are motivated by the law of Hundaibiya to fight ours opposition on a leveled circumstance but we are haddicaped.

Our objective is to make Nigeria a state of Dar ul-Islam . We need to support one another and stand together as one in the presence of Allah. We need to show love for one another share the love of Hubal and stand more united than our christian counterparts. So that they would see the love of Allah shine in us. We need support from Muslims all accross the globe, be Al-Qaeda, Al-Takfir, wal-Hijra, HAMAS, AL-JIHAD. We are one in Hubal.

We need to gain recognition in this country, we want them to realise that Islam is the one and only true religion and, that the future is for Islam, in this country. We also wrote a book (The mind, the body and soul "Islam"), but we have not been able to officially launch this book due to lack of funds.

We will need your support and advise to achieve these objectives. it is a very difficult task because we lack the resources and moral support. We are determined to do whatever it takes to make the movement grow. Please reply if you have either a (question), (contribution) or (suggestion).

May Allah smile upon you as you donate Generously towards our movement.

Admin Secretary
Danjuma Mohammad

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