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November 27, 2002

Does Dick read Maybe he should

An American professor emailed this to

Dear Vice President Cheney,

I am emailing you first of all to speed up the missile defense program. Throw more money at it, lots of money. While you at it, step on a few of those democratic toes.

Sadly, though, the whole basic design of the missile defense is wrong and ruinous. So let me start by reviewing how the system is supposed to work now. A small box is directed to intercept an incoming war head, which might even be tumbling, or hiding within a cloud of decoy war heads. It will surely miss.

So then, what would be better design. Its really very simple. The box must be made larger. In it, there is a large shot gun shel. The gun is fired at the apogee position in the rocket's parabolic trajectory. The kenetic energy of 34,000 miles per hour will let a mere one shotgun pellet to destroy the warhead.

Now the improved system. Obviously, we have the problem that one killer box could kill the other boxes and cause a total system breakdown and failure. So the different boxes must be able to talk to one another. One box could tell another box to wait and fire when ready.

Let's get rolling.

(Please for my confidentiality call me a special source lost in the CIA and nothing more. Just a low level pion.)

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