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October 3, 2002

Prince of Persia: Game

Prince of Persia was one of the 90's most popular computer games. It was released in several versions. The player enters a world of unbridled passion, harrowing adventure and blood-pumping action... to a mystical place where a once-humble servant has transformed himself into a 12th century Persian prince!

With a fascinating storyline, nail-biting action and addictive gameplay, Prince of Persia sets the benchmark for gaming excellence.

In ancient Persia, the Sultan lives with his only daughter. While the Sultan is forced to leave his kingdom to fight a foreign land, the princess falls in love with a young man. The princess marries this man, the prince of Persia, and they live happily ever after... not.

Thanks to the evil Jaffar, who doesn't like the couple at all, the prince is forced to flee Persia and the adventure begins! Prince of Persia springs to life with fluid animation, devious traps, and an elegantly simple interface for running, jumping, climbing, and sword fighting.

Sent by Darius Kadivar

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