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April 23, 2003

Licensed to kill, honestly


Licensed to Kill, Inc. is a tobacco company. We knowingly kill people for profit. And we're proud of it. In fact, it is the explicit aim of our corporation. Just check our articles of incorporation.

We're not like other tobacco companies that try to obscure what their business is about. If you market cigarettes, you market death. It's that simple. In a country which effectively allows corporations to be formed without regard to their purpose, corporations are allowed to kill people to make money. Addiction to cigarettes may be lethal, but profiting from spreading death is perfectly legal.

Truthfully, as a corporation, we couldn't care less about the health hazards of smoking our products. Our bottom line is and always will be boosting profits for our stockholders. That is, after all, what corporations are about. You could say that we're "addicted to profit."

The way we look at it, if we didn't sell cigarettes, someone else would - that is, as long as states grant corporations like us the right to exist. So, we might as well take advantage of this right and benefit financially from it.

Sent by Babak Khiavchi

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