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December 30, 2003

South Bay couple

Last Friday, when I was doing my laundry at the place down the street, I bought a magazine from the nearby Iranian store, to keep myself busy. I picked up Tehran, which is published in LA, I believe. When I sat down to read, I saw a copy of the New Yorker on the next chair and I began looking at the cartoons. I actually read a few of their articles too, which I almost never do. Anyway, I didn't get around reading Tehran. Then today I got an email from M with a clip from the same magazine (December 19, 2003). I looked at the above classified ad and I thought it was hillarious. (There's no time to explain.) So I scanned it for the Anyway section. And as I was editing it in Photoshop, M called. I thanked her for the email and told her I thought the ad about the couple was really funny. She said, which couple? The South Bay couple, I said. She said, "NO! I wanted you to see the ad ABOVE it, the one about the 'khaanom-e baashakhsiyat'. What's so funny about the South Bay couple?" Oh... nevermind.

Jahanshah Javid

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