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January 5, 2003

Armin only eats men

In a still-unfolding story from Kassel, Germany, a man identified only as Armin M., 41, gave police a videotape in December showing him killing a 42-year-old companion who had answered Armin's Internet ad reading, "Gay male seeks hunks 18-30 to slaughter."

Armin allegedly admitted that he is a cannibal and that he froze parts of the victim's body for later meals.

According to police, the victim (an upscale professional) had methodically put his financial records in order before leaving his Berlin home to meet Armin, and according to one newspaper, the men are shown on tape eating the victim's pen!s, after he consented to castration.

Armin also reportedly told police that he would never eat a woman because "they are too important for the survival of mankind."

Stunned police investigators reportedly had to undergo psychiatric counseling after viewing the tape.

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