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July 12, 2003 for sale

Email sent to


Dear Sir,

There is no website for the Government of Iran on the net!

Are for sale. These top level and unique Domain Names speaks for itself, and is the default Domain for Iranian departments. Being a Dot Com Domain, connected with .net and .info,biz and tv makes it superior to other Domain Names and is extremely memorable for anybody to have access to information about Iran.

Also, this Domains can easily make the top Search Engine positions. We will pay all of the costs involved in transferring the Domain, the escrow fee, any legal fees involved and any other fees applicable in transferring the Domain.

Funds transfer process can be made by telegraphic transfer or through respective Attorneys approved by both parties. We are open to offers and negotiation, and for more information please contact

We are also prepared to reward your organization on commission basis to promote the sale of the above domain names.

Kindly Regards

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