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March 17, 2003

Need Turkish girl to discuss Islam

Email to

Dear Sir, Assalamu Alaikum !

I am Muslim , citizen of Pakistan/Canada but presently living in Pakistan and running a small publishing setup. I am also a media specialist and holding a postgraduate degree in Mass Media and have also accomplished a Doctorate level research on ETV.

I am an Islamic minded person and author of several books based on Islamic thoughts and ideology . I am very keen to know how a Turkish Muslim female practicing on Isalm. Academically I know the present situation but I need a person who frankly discuss with me accordingly. I think a girl of age 25 to 30, who has the good Islamic values and knowledge would be much appropriated.

Is it possible for you to help me to find out a person like said above? You can consider this relationship as a penpal also. I would be much appriciated for your help and effort in this regard .

I would also be glad if you ask me for any thing .

With all the best wiushes, I remain!

Sincerely yours,

Sheikh Mohammad Ali
CEO, Islamic Book Corporation, Karachi.

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