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November 24, 2003

Bush in London

Top Ten George W. Bush Complaints About England

10. "Clocks are five hours fast"
• 9. "Everybody's speaking some crazy foreign language"
• 8. "Harry Potter won't return phone calls"
• 7. "So touchy about minor going to war under false pretenses"
• 6. "They don't know where Saddam is either"
• 5. "Queen Elizabeth not half as funny as 'King of Queens'"
• 4. "Disappointed to learn 'Big Ben' is just a giant clock"
• 3. "Pack a gum costs 2 pounds -- who carries two pounds of money?!"
• 2. "I've been here for 36 hours and Prince Charles hasn't made a single move on me"
• 1. "Driving on the left reminds me of my drinking days"

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