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August 12, 2004

Top 25 Signs You're an Iranian Woman


25. You are either a pharmacy student or a pharmacist.

24. You've been dancing the same way all your life.

23. Your day consists mostly of gossiping--and then more gossiping.

22. Your skirts get shorter and shorter as you get older and older.

21. You think you were "wasted" or "haroom shodee" when you got married.

20. You were ready to get married since age 10.

19. You are at first uptight about what your daughter wears, but in 6 months you'll be dressing worse.

18. You are constantly worried what your friends might think of you.

17. You think it kills you to shave your legs.

16. You flirt with Persian guys and then call them losers.

15. You say you are tired of the Persian community, yet 99% of the friends you invite to your parties are Persian.

14. Your parents only find out about your boyfriend on your wedding night.

13. You always need to be dragged onto the dance floor.

12. Your biggest fear is not getting married.

11. Waxing, waxing, and more waxing.

10. No matter how many sit-ups you do, you still have that little stomach pouch sticking out from all the 'pollo' you were fed since you were a baby.

9. The first thing you do when you turn thirteen is get rid of your unibrow.

8. The second thing is to bleach your hair blond.

7. The third thing is to add strawberry highlights.

6. No matter how successful you are in your career and social life, your mother's friends still cackle : "Khob, key shoharesh midi?"

5. You keep getting set up with fat hairy Iranian "doctors" (then you find out he is actually a real estate agent or works downtown).

4. Your biological clock has been tick-tick-ticking since you learned how to tell the time.

3. You go for American guys because you can't get a Persian one.

2. With the first beats of Baba Karam, an invisible force springs you up from your seat and makes your hips swivel to the rhythm until you make Elvis turn in his grave.

1. You can relate to at lease ONE thing on this list...

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