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August 2, 2004

Persian idoms in English 

Ghorbooneh'ghado baalaat
I die for your height and top

Saram o khord
Ate my head

Dom dar ovordeh
He/she has grown a tail

Rooyeh cheshmam
On my eyes

Taklifamo roshan kon
Light up my homework

Kerm nareez!
Don't drop worms!

Cheh khaakee beh saram bereezam?!
What kind of dirt should I pour on my head?!

Rooyeh tokhmeh cheshmam
On the seed of my eyes

Khodet ro beh koocheh alichap nazan
Don't hit yourself into left Ali Ave

Margeh man?
To my death?

Khordam zamin pedaram dar oomad
I ate the ground and my father came out!

Moordeh shooret o bebaran!
Take away the person that washes your dead body!

Geleemet ro az ab bekesh!
Pull your carpet out of the water!

Hamchin bezanamet keh bargh az cheshaat beppareh!
I'll hit you so hard that electricity will pop out of your eyes!

Kharesh az pol gozashteh!
His/Her donkey passed over the bridge!

Ezdevaaj hendooneye naboreedast!
Marriage is an uncut watermelon!

Khoshee zadeh zire delet!
Happiness has been hitting you under the belly!

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