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December 6, 2004

Sanid female anatomy

Unquestionably the external genitalia and secondary sexual characters of the female are the strangest features of Sanid anatomy. The earliest records on this subject are rather vague, and uncertainty results from the fact that there was a tendency to call both Bushmen and Hottentots by the latter name, so that one is often at a loss to know whether the descriptions refer to a Sanid or a Khoid. This is not, however, a matter of much importance in the present context, since the peculiarities of female anatomy that are about to be described are very similar in the two subraces. In the early days of European colonization at the Cape of Good Hope, the Hottentots were in much closer contact with the newcomers than were the Bushmen, and the facts to be recounted were probably first noticed in Khoids. There seems to have been some reticence at the start in referring to the matter in print. Dapper, writing on Hottentot women in Dutch in 1668, remarked mildly that 'The lining of the body appears to be loose, so that in certain places part of it dangles out' >>> Full text

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