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February 6, 2004

Lovely letter... for a price


Hello! You're about to bid on a PERSONAL letter from my girlfriend, the lovely and talented Crystal (pictured below), to YOU!!! That's right, after you win this auction and pay me via PAYPAL, my girlfriend will sit down and write you a letter, in her OWN HANDWRITING! She'll even SIGN the bottom of it! That's right, her AUTOGRAPH, plus a PERSONAL LETTER to you! And, for the finishing touch, she'll write it on ANY SUBJECT YOU CHOOSE, within reason of course. (In other words, don't expect her to discuss her bodily functions or other stuff you're better off looking for in Penthouse Forum). So, for as little as ONE AMERICAN DOLLAR (plus shipping), you can get a HANDWRITTEN, PERSONAL LETTER from a wonderful woman that YOU DON'T KNOW!!! This letter will be at least 100 words long, and is a ONE TIME correspondence. When you win, send an email to this account stating what you'd like Crystal to write you about, and your letter will be sent within 72 hours of payment. Shipping is $4.00 for PRIORITY MAIL within the U.S. ONLY. Bidders from outside the U.S. contact me for shipping prices. She may be mine, but that doesn't mean you can't buy a letter from her! I promise I won't be jealous! Good luck, and remember to BID EARLY and BID OFTEN!!!

Forwarded by Ramin

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