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February 6, 2004

Question most Iranian girls ask

Daaram mimiram az khandeh!  The following question and answer is from Dr. Kahrobayi's sex education site: It's a question most Iranian girls ask of themselves:

S : man nemidunam pardam chejuri pare shode?chun hich alaemi nadashtam.momkene be man beguiid ke chegune parde man pare shode vali man nafahmidam.

Dr. Kahrobayi: qablan pAsokh dade shod ke dar bAzi az afrAd be soorate nader pArdeye bekArat be soorate mAdar zadi vojood nadarad, vA dar bAzi niz pAregie parde bedoone hich ehsasi hamrAh ast. tavajjoh dAshte bAshid ke vAred kardane Alati hamchon angosht yA ... be dAkhele mahbel niz bAese paregie pardeye bekArat mishavad.

Forwarded by Leila

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