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February 6, 2004

Let's party!

MP at Zoroastrians' Sadeh Celebration: Islam promotes cheering up of the pious

Tehran, Jan 30, IRNA -- Head of the Parliament's Cultural Committee Dr. Ahmad Pour-Nejati, attending the Tehrani Zoroastrians' ancient Sadeh Celebration here on Friday, said, "Keeping in mind that Islam promotes cheering up the hearts of the pious, the question is how come the heavy hegemony of sorrow has in recent years replaced 'The Ceremony of the Sun' in Iran?"...

Pour-Nejati said, "From a psychological viewpoint, the extent of cheerfulness or depression of a nation is measured based on how many parties, or mourning anniversaries that have annually."

Pour-Nejati added, "The ancient Iranians celebrated many different occasions throughout the year, that showed how cheerful they were and how optimist they felt towards the future."

The MP stressed, "Sadeh Celebration does not belong merely to the Zoroastrians alone, and I am truly sorry that such ancient Iranian celebrations are held so quietly and in segregated corners, without adequate propagation at national level beforehand."

Pour-Nejati meanwhile referred to the Zoroastrian faith as "An ancient monotheist religion, with high emphasis on man's quest for light, as one of the significant manifestation of God."

The Zoroastrians' representative at Majlis (Parliament), Dr. Khosrow Dabestani, too, thanked God during his address because as he said "the Zoroastrians enjoy religious freedom to the extent to observe their various rituals quite freely."

He then focussed on some of the measures adopted in the country safeguard the minorities' rights, including the ratification of a law at the 6th parliament, based on which the blood money for the Muslims and the non-Muslims became equal.

Dr. Dabestani added, "The Ministry of Education has approved of employing some 200 Zoroastrian teachers this year, which is also praiseworthy."

The top Zoroastrian Mo'bad, Dr. Jahangir Oshidri's message on the occasion was then read out for the audience, following which the fire rituals of the Sadeh Celebration were performed amid a cheerful atmosphere of the audience.

Forwarded by Bahman N.

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