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November 5, 2004

Make love math

Do this amazing mathematics exercise. It will take only 20 seconds. What you have to do is to follow the instructions. Do not read the outcome before having made all the calculations, ok? Let's start!

1. Decide the number of times you wish to make love during one week.

2. Multiply this number by 50.

3. Add to the result 44.

4. Then, multiply by 200.

5. If, this year, you have already celebrated your birthday, add 104. If you have not celebrated it yet add 103.

6. Last step: to the result you have obtained, subtract your birth year (for example, subtract 1968, 1973, etc.).

Once you have made the subtraction, you should have a number with five figures.


The first of the five figures points out the number of nights per week you wish to make love. Is it correct? But it is not all.

The last two figures correspond to your age.

But the best has still to came......

The second and the third figure point out THE POSITION YOU LIKE THE MOST WHILE YOU ARE MAKING LOVE!! This 'mathematics curiosity' works only for this year (2004), therefore send it to your friends as soon as possible! Something good will HAPPEN to you. Get ready for 'shots' for life! Whoever breaks this letter will be 'shagless' for life! Today is 'National Kiss Day'. Send this file to 10 people within the next 10 minutes and your love will kiss you today.

Sent by Shokooh

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