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October 21, 2004

Persian 101

Full face!

Az een dar beh oon dar!
From this door to that door!

Movaazeb baash shast-e-paat too cheshmet nareh!
Be careful that your toe does not go into your eye!

Asghar taragheh!
Asghar fireworks!

Born un-Kosher.

Ghorboone ghad-do baalaat
I will sacrifice myself for your height and top

Snake poison!

Khaak bar saret!
Dirt on your head!

Dozaarim taazeh oftaad!
My 0.02 cents just fell!

Sheer-esh kardam!
I have made him into a lion!

Moosh az sooraakh dar nemeeraft, jaaroo beh doombesh bast!
The mouse could not enter the hole, so he tied a broom to his tail!


Pain without a cure!

Saramo khord!
Ate my head

Kerm nariz!
Don't drop worms!

Dom dar aavordeh!
He has grown a tail

Saresh baa kunesh baazi meekoneh!
His head is playing with his butt!

Cheh khaaki beh saram berizam?!
What kind of dirt should I pour on my head?!

Geleemet ro az aab bekesh!
Pull your carpet out of the water!

Enghadr mohkam bezanamet keh bargh az cheshmaat bepareh!
I'll hit you so hard that electricity will jump out of your eyes!

Khordam zamin, pedaram dar oomad!
I ate the ground and my father came out!

Moordeh shooreto bebaran!
Take away the person washing your dead body!

Shaahed-e-gorbeh dombesh-e!
The cat's witness is its tail!

Koor khoondeh!
Reading blind!

Kharesh as pol gozashteh!
His/her donkey has passed over the bridge!

Morghe hamsaayeh ghaazeh!
The neighbor's chicken is a goose!

Ezdevaaj hendooneyeh naboridast!
Marriage is an uncut watermelon!

Khoshi zadeh zireh delet!
Happiness has been hitting you under the belly!

Ruyeh tokhmeh cheshmam.
On the seed of my eyes.

Pedar sukhteh!
Burned father!

Ghosts of your stomach!

Khooshhaali zeer-e-shekamet zadeh!
Happiness has been hitting you under your stomach!

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