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June 29, 2005

Kiran Azam: Wonderful novelist

I am not quite sure as to what prompted me into reading Kiran Azam's Dreams Can Come True. The lean, 82-page novel is quite ordinary looking on the outside, the storyline on the back cover was most depressive. After all, who looks forward to reading a story of a sweet thirteen-year-old suffering from brain cancer?

The author is a child herself. A ninth grader, she wrote this book when she was just twelve. Suddenly my mind raced back to another young lady who had penned a fascinating novel also at the age of eleven or twelve. Her book A Dream Come True was also published by the same publishers and it is commendable that they are giving young budding novelists a chance. Although Nayantara Noorani has not written another book after her second one, the emotionally involving Reflections, we hope that Kiran Azam would continue writing more stories and grow into a wonderful novelist >>> Read

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