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June 6, 2005

Rafsanjani: I wanted to kiss the Imam's dry, shriveled lips

From Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani's diaries serialized in Shargh newspaper in Iran and reproduced in

Khordad 3 (24 May 1989): I left at 9 am to visit the Imam (Khomeini) at the hospital. I saw him for a few minutes. He's improving. I spoke a few words. He said he had a little bit of pain. I put my hand slowly on the Imam's hand. It was hot; the heat warmed my entire body. My love for the Imam made me restless. I wanted to kiss the Imam's dry, shriveled lips. I felt shame. I put my lips on a hairless part of his head where it was also hot and moist. Without thinking, I licked off some of the moisture. The Imam rewarded me by pressing my thumb in his hand. The doctors expressed satisfaction..

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