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Ocotber 31, 2005

Persian hospitality... for $450 an hour


First-class sophistication, taste and elegance would be your first impression of me. Upon getting to know me better, you will realise that with my form there is acumen. I am an articulate, sensual and classy playmate with alluring sexuality and a glossy smile.

I am absolutely passionate about my job, and that will show in our encounter. With me, you will experience quality and not just quantity. A truly unforgettable experience laced with a powerhouse of lusty affection. Abandon your inhibitions and indulge in passionate lovemaking and total sensual fulfillment.

Every bit of me is as real as we come. No boobs, nose, bum or any other fake jobs you can think of. I don't need surgery to clean myself up. I was born with breathtaking beauty, inside and out. With my alluring womanly curves and provocative nature, I'm as bona fide as you can get.

I am currently based in Sydney, but do travel interstate and overseas as and when I'm needed. To view my availability and rates, you may click on the 'Rates' link on the left.

Sent by friend_bah

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