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December 28, 2006

Bird (Flu) Holocaust

This idiot, Mohammad Ali Ramin, heads the "International Holocaust Research Center" in Tehran. Forget about his comments on Jews. Check out what he has to say about Bird Flu: "In the past year, America, Britain and Israel have suffered embarrassing defeats in the Middle East. In order to divert the public's attention from these defeats, they have suddenly spread [reports] around the world about Bird Flu, distracting world public opinion for six months. Nobody is asking this question: How can a poor chicken with the flu have the strength to fly from Australia to Siberia? Even our Health Ministerin Iran and the State TV report that the spread of Bird Flu has been prevented at our borders. [But] the reason why [America, Britain and Israel] have killed and destroyed tens of millions of chickens in a Holocaust is because they want to influence the price and consumption of chickens."

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