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May 26, 2006

The jeans of choice for Islam

( -- How often does this happened to you? It's time for afternoon prayer, but you're still in your jeans. You go to kneel down to pray, but your jeans are too tight. Or worse yet, the waist slides right down your hips, leaving you with an embarassing case of "plumber butt." Well never again, my Muslim friend!

Thanks to Al Quds jeans you can be both comfortable and stylish during your daily prayers. With a baggy cut and a high, snug waist, Al Quds -- the Arabic word for Jerusalem -- are perfect for kneeling.

They even come with an extra large pocket for glasses, trinkets or prayer beads. And the subtle green thread along the seams of the belt loops is the perfect nod to the sacred color of Islam.

But these aren't just for prayer, says manufacturer Luca Corradi.

"These are simple jeans for everyday life, designed with the idea of prayer in mind, but not just that," Corradi told the International Herald Tribune.

However, some Muslims are outraged by what they perceive a callous commercialism.

"This is a type of exploitation of religion, of a place and a belief that is sacred for Muslims," said SMT Wasti, a spokesman for the U.K. Islamic Mission. "It's a way to prey on the sympathy of Muslims."

Designed in Italy, manufactured in Pakistan and with all praise unto Allah and the mighty dollar, these jeans will make you the most righteously stylish guy on the block.

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