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August 2006

August 29

* 70 wives? Kooftesh besheh
* CNN toilet talk
* Video: Funny lemonade
* Video: Bears do it, boys do it
* Video: Hi mom!
* Best haircut
* Map of Farsi speakers in Los Angeles County
* Hell yes, I voted for Bush

August 28

* Emam Zaman is coming -- soon!
* Video: Israeli ad set in Iran
* What causes gooz?
* Flash: What the baby think of Ahmadinejad's new blog
* Smoking out of your leg

August 25

* Qazvin: Please don't bend over
* Fuck: The most interesting word in the English language
* Video: Bubblegum may be dangerous for your health
* Prank caller: Agha Farshid
* New airport security reestrictions
* Maddahi: We've mastered the art or sermonizing

August 22

* Video: Silvio, the nose picker
* Sharkhar: Iranian debt collector
* Video: Afghanistan soldier training
* Video: Milkman & chocolate
* Video: Very very blonde

August 21

* Video: Persian "Hotel California" and "Gipsy Kings"

August 19

* Audio: A modern love story: Akbar & Sharareh

August 15

* Oil companies thank consumers
* Rocket attack on your car
* Speaking of human shields...
* Dear villager, beware of Western influences
* Video: The Seraanos
* Video: Karaoke singing... in a stadium?
* Video: Husband's accidental death :o)

August 8

* It's official: Iranians are everywhere :o)
* Miss B-B-B-B-Bahrain?! (6 pix)
* Audio: Ya hazrate abbas... Rowzeh khooni in English
* Video: No way... he's a gymnast?
* Animation: Moving Michael Jackson
* Video: Damn elastic band
* Zidane video game for PlayStation 2
* Japanese get a tastet of hejab
* Boy: Little show off

August 3

* Video: Iran is not Iraq
* Video: Tribute to Bill Gates
* It's a mad, mad, Technomad world race
* Cry for milk

July 31

* Video: Miss France meets Miss Italy
* Animation: National Security Agency phone monitoring center
* Video: Insane bike jump
* The World Map of Happiness
* Translation: Ahmadinejad arrived in Monday on Tuesday

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